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Toad the Wet Sprocket's Future in Doubt

Mon Mar 24, 9:56 AM ET

WASHINGTON - Toad the Wet Sprocket may call it quits again even though they just finished a reunion tour.

Singer Glen Phillips told AP Radio they're going to see how it feels before making a final decision.

"If it seems like we can make better records than we did before, we'll keep doing it. But if it seems like we'll be a sad nostalgia act, we'll continue on our own courses," he said.

As for what led to their reunion, Phillips said he didn't have a good answer for not doing it.

"The idea of playing shows here and there have been brought up. I'd probably been the most reluctant to do it," he said. "At some point, somebody asked me about it and instead of saying absolutely not ... it sounded like it might be an interesting idea, so I called everybody up."

While the lineup remains the same, the reunion brought about a few changes most notably how they define success.

"It used to be we got really excited when we heard a Muzak version of one of our songs," Phillips said. "It meant you made it because you'd entered into some other (realm) you'd become a larger part of society."