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Wednesday, December 18, 2002
Glen Phillips on KFOG
(San Francisco): Walk On The Ocean,
Randy Newman's "Political Science" (9 MB)

Thursday, November 4, 1999
Toad the Wet Sprocket farewell ColumbiaCast:
WXRV (Boston): Something's Always Wrong, P.S. (10 MB)
KFOG (San Francisco): Fall Down, P.S., Walk On The Ocean (3 MB)
KTCZ (Minneapolis): P.S., Good Intentions (2 MB)
KKZN (Dallas): Walk On The Ocean, P.S. (5 MB)
KINK (Portland): Walk On The Ocean, P.S. (6 MB)
KBCO/KACD (Denver / Santa Monica): Good Intentions, All I Want,
P.S., Walk On The Ocean, Whatever I Fear,
Something's Always Wrong, Dam Would Break (6 MB)
(Thanks to Victor Yiu and Daniel Schoonover!)

From a Phoenix radio interview with John "Edison" Clay
on August 1, 1994, listen to what Randy Guss says that
their manager, Chris Blake, once called the band.
Whole interview with performances: Fall Down, Stupid (8 MB)

Other Radio Performances:
Siren Spotlight (10 MB)
(San Francisco) Live From The Archives (8 MB)
HitLine USA (5 MB)

Modern Rock Live: Whatever I Fear, Desire, Dam Would Break,
Throw It All Away, Don't Fade, Hanson's "Mmm Bop", Little Man
Big Man, Rings, Walk On The Ocean, Fall Down (11 MB)
(Thanks to Jen Simpson!)

Other Radio Interviews:
About the Origin of Their Name

Dean Dinning & Glen Phillips (1 MB)
Dean Dinning & Todd Nichols (1 MB)
Glen Phillips & Randy Guss
Glen Phillips & Todd Nichols (1 MB)
Glen Phillips (1 MB)
Randy Guss & Dean Dinning (1 MB)
Randy Guss